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Thrilling Detective, August 1944; cover art by Milton Luros.
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Thrilling Detective, August 1944; cover art by Milton Luros.

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Ciao Bella by Cindy Kinash.

Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons’ Ciao Bella pairs the funky elegance of a hand-drawn copperplate script with four ornament fonts. The Ciao Bella script’s full range of international characters and alternates use of the power of OpenType to automatically create a genuinely hand-lettered look.

See details here: http://myfonts.us/P3LHNz

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Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’, 1994.

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Best Fonts Released on March.

March! This month was full of good typefaces, for some reason I saw many display and handmade fonts very successful like In and Out and La Chic.

Is super difficult to show you the details of every font presented here, but don’t be fooled by the images that I showed you here, there are many fonts that have beautiful details and accents, and example is Acustic wich is a set of script and roman letters with cap,swashes and italic variants.

Here is the full list of the best fonts released on March, feel free to click on the name of the fonts to see full details (almost all the professional typefaces introductory offers up to 90% off, meaning that you can get a font for $1, $2 and $5 and a whole family of up to 21 fonts for les than $20 like Festivo):

  1. Crique Grotesk (85% off)
  2. Dream Script (30% off)
  3. Courtesy Script Pro (30% off)
  4. Festivo Lowercase Letters (84% off)
  5. In & Out (75% off)
  6. Core Deco (90% off)
  7. Modum (70% off)
  8. Microbrew (50% off)
  9. La Chic Font (50% off)
  10. Mariné (77% off)
  11. Rein Grotesk (70% off)
  12. Woderhand
  13. National Champion Lines Series (50% off)
  14. PiS Wanderlust (35% off)
  15. Korb (50% off)
  16. Acustica (778% off)
  17. Supermolot
  18. Coming Home (30% off)
  19. Sarine (80% off)
  20. Duval (80% off)
  21. Gist Rough (65% off)
  22. Predige Rounded (80% off)
  23. Sofia Soft (75% off)
  24. Pinto (50% off)

Did like it? Then you should see the past best fonts: February, January and past year.

If you want to see more lovely fonts and beautiful lettering visit:

Betype.co Facebook | Twitter

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Daft Type

These Daft Punk merchandise ads do a great job of mimicking ads from the ’70s. The layouts, colours and type all evoke the decades’ graphic style.

Above, you can see one of their latest ads alongside a Coke ad from 1970. (The very same ad that Michael Bierut describes in the Helvetica film: “It’s the real thing. Period! Coke. Period! In Helvetica. Period! Any questions? Of course not. Drink Coke. Period! Simple.”)

The typeface chosen for the 2014 ad appears to be Kabel Black or Geometric 231 Heavy and while it’s no Helvetica, I think it does a much better job in this instance.

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